Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman Your Baby Week by Week

    Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman Your Baby Week by Week


    In Your Baby Week by Week health writer Simone Cave and paediatrician Dr Caroline Fertleman explain the changes you can expect your baby to go through during the first six months of life. Each chapter covers one week of your babys development and is divided into sections telling you how long you can expect him to sleep and cry, how often you are supposed to be feeding him and how many dirty nappies you are likely to have to change. This reassuring and practical guide is packed full of vital information and solutions to specific problems, including: how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk spotting when you need to take your baby to the doctor identifying whether your baby is crying from hunger or tiredness Your Baby Week by Week is the only guide you need to help you through the crucial first six months of parenthood.

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